Orange Releases a European Exclusive Research
“ Exposure 2013-2014”

Now in its sixth year, Exposure, the study conducted by TNS and sponsored by Orange focuses on how mobile media users in the UK, France and Spain are consuming media on mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Exposure is amongst only a few pieces of research to discover valuable insights about the digital paths to purchase for four products categories - High-Tech, Automotive, Travel and Entertainment.

This year, it focuses on the different phases of the paths to purchase (from information research to the post-purchase phase) and highlights variations in the roles that different devices play during the purchase process, the different media used and the reasons behind this purchasing behaviour.

introduction of the new aspects of the study

Exposure is staying close to agencies needs and is offering this year some new insights.
The study covers for the first time the role of paid, owned and earned media in the paths to purchase and provides for the categories covered some insights on the ideal paid, owned and earned media mix to optimise campaigns reach.

The study also covers the challenges that showrooming and shared attention are creating for advertisers and brands

about the fusion TGI-Exposure

Each year, data from Exposure are fused with the TGI database from Kantar Media providing to advertisers exclusive insights about their consumers.

Indeed, the fusion provides a deep understanding of the media profile of a specific target, from their devices usages to their favourite advertising formats or the types of content they consume.

The fusion has been regularly used by media agencies for their media planning.

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